Benefits of Senior Living Communities

*Featured Property*: Williamstowne Village, Cheektowaga NY.

Some seniors worry they’ll give up too much and their quality of life will go downhill if they move to a retirement community. But in fact, many residents and their families report that the overall quality of life goes up for seniors living in communities.

Research into senior health has proven that:

  • Older adults who report the highest levels of well-being and happiness are those who socialize, work or volunteer and exercise.
  • Having healthy social relationships is a significantly higher predictor of longevity and is associated with reduced rates of depression and better cognitive health.
  • Older adults who are physically active have lower rates of coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke and some cancers, as well as higher levels of functional and cognitive health.

Senior living communities create opportunities to engage in all those areas. They’re built into every day, all in one place. Add to that regular, nutritious meals, access to medical care, and services and amenities that relieve the burdens of homeownership, and it’s easy to see why more seniors have decided this as a great way to enjoy the good life.