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Pros and cons of staying in a high rise building

Pros and Cons of Living in a High-Rise Apartment and What to Consider Before Moving In September 9, 2022 by Holly Hooper Finding the perfect apartment can be overwhelming, especially when there are so many types and styles available to choose from. If you’re searching for a rental in a big city, a high-rise apartment will likely… Read more »

Apartment Living: How to Lead a Minimalist Lifestyle

Minimalism in Your Small Apartment

  Minimalism is all about eliminating the unnecessary and striving for simplicity. Less stuff, less stress, less everything. Here is how to lead a minimalist lifestyle when living in an apartment! Say farewell to clutter Apartment life automatically means less living space, making it easier for clutter to accumulate. Your giant wardrobe and fantastic movie… Read more »

4 Ways to Go Green in Your Apartment

Make Your Apartment More Energy Efficient

Reducing your energy usage is not only good for your wallet, but also, for the planet and community.   Here are a few simple ways that you can go green in your apartment! Meet your new neighbors: houseplants There’s a reason why houseplants are becoming so popular in apartments and homes again. Actually, a few:… Read more »

How to Become an Ideal Apartment Tenant

Tips for being a Good Tenant for Your Landlord

  Becoming the ideal tenant is an active process that begins with your apartment hunt. From first impressions to the day you move out, here are a few ways to help you be the perfect apartment tenant! Remain courteous When looking at apartments, being polite and gracious can go a long way and can help… Read more »

How to Maximize Space in Your Apartment

Making a Small Apartment Seem Bigger

An apartment, at first, may not seem to offer spacious living. However, there is more than meets the eye! Here are a few tips and tricks that will allow you to intelligently create and utilize all the available space in your small apartment! Think vertical We often forget about the space extending from the floor… Read more »

Getting Along with Apartment Neighbors

Tips for Apartment Living in Buffalo

Maybe your next door neighbor has a taste for the Swedish dance hits of the ‘90s or maybe they seem to walk with cement blocks glued to their feet on a regular basis. Regardless, we’ve all had “problem neighbors”- especially in apartment settings. Living in close quarters with neighbors can be difficult because everyone has… Read more »

Benefits of Renting an Apartment

Apartments for Rent in Buffalo, NY

The age-old question when it comes to housing is: to rent or to own? Depending on where you live, the housing market can vary greatly. In some cities, it’s much more affordable to rent. In others, when the prices of homes are so low, it can make more sense to buy. But if you think… Read more »