Car packed ready to move

Making Your Long Distance Move Easy

You’re ready for a new environment, new faces, and a new experience. Now the only thing you have to worry about is making the move to your new home miles away. Here are a few tips to help make the long distance move easier on you!

Plan it before you move it

Whether you’re moving a town over or across the country, creating a plan will always prove beneficial by keeping you organized and providing you with a solid timeline. A lot more planning goes into a long distance move however because you’re traveling further which requires more time (and money). Figure out your budget and travel plans, and give yourself enough time to accomplish the move.

De-clutter before you pack

It happens more often than not, that you start packing and all of a sudden, everything you own is in a mountain of boxes that won’t even fit in your new space, let alone your car to get it all there. Prevent this from happening by giving yourself some tough love and de-clutter your space. This means tossing the things you haven’t used in a while or the clothes that you always say you’ll wear, but then don’t.

When moving long distance, you don’t want to be trudging along things you don’t need. Future-you will appreciate you packing only the bare essentials, we promise.

Label everything, even if it’s obvious

After making a long trek with all of your belongings, you’re not going to remember where you packed everything. Labeling your boxes and bags as you pack will keep you sane and organized when unpacking at the new place!

Study up on your new city

You’ll find that your long distance move will be much easier on you if you familiarize yourself with the place you’ll be calling home soon. If you do your research beforehand, you’ll feel more comfortable in your new community sooner rather than later.

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