Two Compatible Roommates Moving into an Apartment in Buffalo

Six Questions to Ask Your Potential Roommate Before Moving In


The amazing apartment you found to rent won’t stay amazing if you don’t get along with your roommate. Instead of just taking the risk, ask your potential roommate the following questions before signing the lease!

Where do you work?

The last answer you want to hear after asking this question is, “I don’t work.” This is simply because you want to know that the person paying half of the bills has a stable income, or at the least, an existing income. This question also comes in handy when seeing how your schedules fit together. If you work a normal 9 to 5, and your roommate is a nurse working a three 12-hour-day-type schedule, then you’ll want to know to stay considerate of one another.

How do you feel about cleaning?

No matter how perfectly your personalities may match up, if your potential roomie believes that cleaning is taking their dirty dishes and letting them “soak” in the sink for a day and a half, it might not be meant to be.

What’s your sleep schedule like?

Some people thrive in the evening and others take the early morning by storm, however, when these two lifestyles collide, it could cause discourse. It’s benefiting no one if you can’t get a good night’s rest, even if that occurs when the sun is out.

What’s your relationship status?

If your potential roommate’s significant other will be frequenting your apartment often, it’s important to first, know about it, and second, set boundaries to keep comfortable in your own home. You don’t want to sign a lease with a roomie that will inevitably move their partner in as if it’s theirs as well.

Do you have allergies?

This is a vital question to ask each other because it will greatly affect your lifestyle! Ask about food allergies, so you avoid any mishaps in the kitchen and address the idea of having a pet. If your heart is set on adding a pet to your home, it’s important that your potential roommate is not allergic and gives you their support.

What are your future plans?

If everything else seems to fall into place, then there’s only one item left to check off the potential roommate checklist: what are your plans for the future? It all comes down to if how long you plan to stay in this apartment because you could be banking on staying for three years when your potential roomie is only planning on staying for one year.

Once you find that perfectly compatible roommate, it’s time to find that perfect apartment! With over 4,000 apartments and townhouses to choose from, Glendale Communities has a variety of living styles to choose from. Call us at 716-551-0460 to learn more about our apartment rentals or apply online now!