Having Friends Over Your Buffalo Apartment

Hosting an Event at Your Apartment

Living in an apartment doesn’t mean that you can’t host get-togethers. Although renting does keep people from entertaining, there is absolutely no reason that it should.

Glendale Communities has some tips and tricks for those of you looking to throw a successful event in your apartment.

Create a Mingle Space

If possible, push furniture up against the wall to allow for a larger standing-room space. Although getting the heavier items out of the way may be difficult, having an open space will allow an event to flow. Have a few seating options and surfaces where people can set down drinks, but make sure a decent amount of floor space is clear which will allow people to naturally gather and mingle.

Offer Snacks

Apartment kitchens don’t always have mile longs countertops, but you don’t need those in order to offer guests snacks. Food is the heart of any good gathering, and good food can be prepared anywhere. If you really want to come off as an experienced hostess, offer a pre-made cocktail at the door and have drinks easily available to guests. There are plenty of easy appetizers and finger foods that often don’t even need to be “cooked.” Things such as fruit kabobs, cheese and crackers, fresh cut vegetables, and so forth can all be prepared ahead of time.

Spread Out

To prevent all of your guests from congregating in one area of the apartment, place snacks in different spots, which will help tie people into other areas of the apartment. Spreading the food out will help people to spread out which makes the space feel larger in an instant.

Have Fun!

All in all, don’t be worried about the size of your space. The majority of your guests are absolutely grateful that you are hosting and are there to enjoy one another’s company. Plus, hosting events in your space will help turn your apartment into your home. If you have your own space, you deserve to use it and show it off to others.

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