Minimalism in Your Small Apartment

Apartment Living: How to Lead a Minimalist Lifestyle


Minimalism is all about eliminating the unnecessary and striving for simplicity.

Less stuff, less stress, less everything.

Here is how to lead a minimalist lifestyle when living in an apartment!

Say farewell to clutter

Apartment life automatically means less living space, making it easier for clutter to accumulate.

Your giant wardrobe and fantastic movie poster collection probably had a place at your parent’s house, but your apartment only has so much room for your hobbies and passions.

The first step is to de-clutter your apartment.

Go through all your belongings and start separating them into piles that you will keep, throw away, or donate. Consider ridding yourself of items you do not use or see on a regular basis and take any duplicate items out of the apartment (do you really need two crockpots?).

Minimalism is about living simply and with purpose. Bidding adieu to clutter will clear your mind as you start adding some more minimalist elements to your life.

Adopt a “less is more” décor

Take your time transitioning your apartment into a home. Rather than decorate and fill each room with knick-knacks and random items that create clutter, choose key pieces that make a statement in your space.

Think about how each item makes you feel, and only decorate with pieces that bring you joy, rather than using items just because you own them.

Think accent decorations that are simple and little in number; as a minimalist, less is more when it comes to décor.

Use small plotted plants or one vase of flowers as your main focal point. Leave walls bare except for maybe one or two pieces of artwork. Your goal is to use décor in a way that adds interest to an otherwise boring space, but which does not overtake the space and look cluttered.

Ask yourself the tough questions

When you aim to lead a minimalist lifestyle, you start to ask yourself tough questions about what you really need and want in your life.

As you head out to the mall, think twice before buying something you might not actually need.

  • How many pairs of jeans do you own?
  • Do you feel like you lack enough pairs to get through the week?
  • If you buy a new pair, do you plan on getting rid of an old pair?

Consider if you are willing to pay more for higher quality items that will last longer and withstand the test of time. Try to focus on possessions you might enjoy for years to come rather than something you get tired of after a few months. Think about how comfortable you are with purging old items and clothing and ask yourself how to get over ridding yourself of possibly sentimental items you feel obligated to keep.

So, you can’t practice minimalist apartment living without an apartment!

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