Things to Avoid when moving to your first apartment rental in NY

Avoid These Five Mistakes When Renting Your First Apartment


Signing that apartment lease for the first time is an exciting moment in your life and definitely something to celebrate. However, all that excitement can be accompanied by a lot of first-timer’s mistakes. In order to help, here are five things to avoid when renting your first apartment!

Buying everything at once

You’re already adding another expense to your bank account by renting an apartment; you don’t need to drain your wallet even more so. Though you will be excited to fill your new space with new things, start with the basics like a mattress and a chair to sit in. The rest will come with time and your wallet will thank you.

Overthinking your apartment design

More often than not, first-time renters taking on the task of decorating their very own space get carried away with design. More specifically, they believe that matching everything is a necessity. This isn’t true! Explore your freedom to mix and match with different styles and different colors. Garage sales are a great place to find one-of-a-kind items that are kind to your budget.

Buying cheap everything

Just because you’re on a budget, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t invest in the important things, like a sturdy sofa and a stable kitchen table. Don’t think that you can’t afford higher quality items. As long as you plan and save up for the big ticket items, you won’t be stressed when the time comes to spend the money.

Filling your apartment too quickly

No matter what kind of apartment you’re moving into, the space tends to get packed at an alarming rate. So it’s important to steady yourself when filling it up with your belongings and newly purchased decorations. Make a plan so that you’re not putting in more than your new space can handle. That’s why we said not to buy everything at once, of course!

Buying things you don’t even want or need

Sometimes, first-time renters make the mistake of thinking they have to buy certain things for their apartment. Like two nightstands because that was always standard in their childhood home or a coffee table for the books they won’t read to sit on. Buy things that you want and that you’ll genuinely use.

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