Tips for being a Good Tenant for Your Landlord

How to Become an Ideal Apartment Tenant


Becoming the ideal tenant is an active process that begins with your apartment hunt. From first impressions to the day you move out, here are a few ways to help you be the perfect apartment tenant!

Remain courteous

When looking at apartments, being polite and gracious can go a long way and can help curry favor with a landlord if there are several other candidates looking at the same property. Also, make sure you are on time and dressed nicely to show you respect their time and opinion of you.

Listen to what your landlord has to say

Whether it is instructions on turning your gas valve off for the day while the gas company visits to tinker, or the general rules of a fire emergency plan in the building, when your landlord tells you something—listen. They’re conveying essential information that keeps you informed and safe.

Treat your neighbors with respect

Start off on the right foot and build a civil relationship with your next-door neighbors. Understand that their schedules will not coincide with yours and blasting loud music at midnight might not be written on their to-do list!

Treat the property with respect

Aside from being concerned that you’re paying rent on time, landlords want to make sure that you’re not being destructive and causing damage to the apartment. Keep the place clean and treat the property with respect in order to maintain a good relationship with your landlord.

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