Renting with Pets

Renting with Pets: Tips for Being a Courteous Pet Renter

Renting with pets can be a little stressful, especially when you think about accidental rug stains and losing your security deposit.

Here are some renting tips for pet parents to help make sure that you and your pet have a pleasant and happy renting experience.

Be Upfront

The most important thing you can do when you are renting and own a pet is be upfront with your landlord about your pet. For instance, some landlords won’t permit larger dogs on their property or they may decide on a case-by-case basis, depending on the tenant, whether you’re allowed to have a pet in your rental. If you’re looking for a new rental, says to start out with a pet profile: compile some photos of your animal, and include letters of recommendation from your vet and old neighbors to show that your pet won’t be a nuisance to your building.

Act Like You Own It

Money Crashers says that oftentimes, pet owners are unaware of the smells or damages their pet makes, while a landlord will probably notice it immediately when he walks into your apartment. Treat your rental like it’s your home. If your cat or dog has caused damage, offer to replace carpeting, wood panels or other areas of the home that your pet may have ruined – with permission of course. Work to also deter your pet from these activities. There are many types of pheromone sprays and other deterrents that can help keep your four-legged friend from engaging in harmful activities.

Renter’s Insurance

The Women’s Humane Society recommends purchasing a renters insurance that will cover your pet, and showing prospective landlords your coverage before you sign a lease. That way, the landlord knows that you’re responsible, proactive and prepared to assume liability for any damage that your pet might cause.

Meet and Greet

If your prospective landlord is on the fence about you and your pet moving in, propose a meet and greet. Show your landlord how your pet is quiet, well behaved, and friendly toward other people. Proving your pet’s good manners can help alleviate any concerns and will help assure a property owner that your pet won’t cause any disturbances in the complex.

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