CHoosing to Rent a Home Instead of Buying a House

Four Reasons Why Renting is Better than Buying

Many people believe in the traditional timeline of finishing schooling, finding a career and immediately starting on the hunt for a house. However, it is becoming more apparent that renting is the more financially viable option, along with many other benefits.

Renting allows for more freedom

There are less personal obligations when you rent your first home compared to buying it. Renting makes it easy to pick up and leave whenever you need to, whether you scored your dream job in another city or your family is unexpectedly expecting and you’re stuck in a house that may be too small for the lot of you. No matter the case, renting an apartment provides you with the flexibility you need when you’re not fully prepared to settle.

A rental lowers your overall expenses

Renting allows for less financial obligations, as well. Not only do you have a lower monthly mortgage when renting, you’re also not the overall owner of your space. This means that typical expenses that come with maintaining a house, such as lawn care, electrical work, appliance repairs and more fall under your landlord’s responsibility.

Indulge in the accompanied amenities that come with renting

Some rental communities offer amenities that would normally drain a homeowner’s wallet. You could have access to a heated in-ground pool, tennis courts, fitness center and more without the financial responsibility of maintaining them.

Renting helps you save money for your future house

If you’re still trying to live the “American Dream,” you’ll want to make sure you can afford it. Save up the money you would have spent on a higher mortgage payment, larger heating and cooling bills, and faulty appliance repairs by renting.

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