What to Know When Looking for an Apartment Rental

Apartment Hunting: What to Look For

You know you want to move. You know you need to move. But what you don’t know is where to start. No need to worry!


You’re among many that struggle to dive into the search process and could benefit from some advice.

Here are a few key things to keep in mind when looking for a new apartment

Evaluate the quality

Looking at pictures of your potential apartment online is a good place to start, but you can’t rely on them entirely. It’s important to go see the space in person to see where you could be living and also find out if the apartment has been properly taken care of. Scratches on the wall and a wonky door knob can be easily fixed, but serious health and safety issues, such as a bug problem doesn’t need to become your personal problem.

Apartment hunt in the right community

The community you could possibly move into includes both your physical environment as well as the social environment around you. It may be beneficial to take a casual stroll around the neighborhood to get a sense of your surroundings. You should take into consideration your proximity to traffic, your commute to work, and the distance from all of your favorite shops and restaurants.

Within your community are also your potential neighbors. Make sure to ask about your fellow tenants and their lifestyles. No one likes to deal with noisy neighbors!

Apartment amenities should fit your style

You don’t want to compromise the things that are important to you when looking for a new apartment. Take the time to ask if there’s extra security or if there’s a washing machine and dryer within your building. If not, is there a laundromat nearby? Finding your perfect apartment is a lot of give and take, but remember that it’s your home and you need to be able to comfortably live there.

Don’t sign the apartment lease until you’re ready

You’ll find that many realtors and landlords will try to convince you that you’re missing out if you don’t sign the dotted line immediately. Don’t let this cloud your judgement. It’s important to take as much time as you need to look over the lease and make sure it’s legitimate with no surprises.

Take note of your rent due date, parking rules, and how long the lease is for. Just remember that this is potentially where you’ll be making a home, whether it’s temporary or long-term and you should feel confident before sealing the deal!

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