Apartment Packing Guide

How to Successfully Pack Up Your Entire Apartment

Living in the same apartment for a few years can lead to a large build-up of items that you then must pack up and relocate when it is time to move. We’ll tell you now: the process of efficiently packing up and moving an entire apartment’s worth of things is not an exciting one.

However, by heeding the following packing tips, you can avoid the heartache and make your move quick and painless!

Plan it out

Expert procrastinators understand the thrill and inherent rush behind waiting to complete a task in just the nick of time. However, packing up an entire apartment requires some preparation if you hope to avoid a disorganized, stressful moving day.

Create a packing plan for each room in your apartment as well as a basic guideline and order of events for moving day. Write down everything you can to avoid forgetting something vital to your moving process. Take inventory of moving supplies, consider tasks you need to complete (such as cleaning your apartment and turning in your keys), and run errands ahead of time.

Pack it up

Often the hardest part of moving is looking at your entire apartment and feeling overwhelmed by the amount of stuff you actually own. Pick your least cluttered room to start with to ease into the moving process or choose your most cluttered room (like the kitchen) to get the ball rolling quickly.

As you pack, make piles of items you no longer wish to keep, and plan to donate, sell, or throw away these things.

Gather packing supplies in advance, focusing on boxes, trash bags, bubble wrap, newspaper, packing tape, and markers or labels. Utilize the space in your empty purses, suitcases, and reusable plastic bags and take time to wrap up fragile items!

Ship it out

On moving day, gather the troops! Enlist friends and family members to help you smooth out the moving process. Offer up a meal or snacks in exchange for the help to show your appreciation and be sure to go over your moving plan and assign everyone specific tasks based on what needs to be moved and where it needs to be moved to.

Since you were obviously proactive in your packing plan, your boxes and bags should be labeled with the name of the room they belong to in the new location (kitchen, bathroom, bedroom); this lets your helpers know where to place items when moving, avoiding the most common question, “where does this go?” for every box. Make sure to also make a special note for those fragile items!

Now that your move will be a bit easier, it’s time to find that perfect space! Consider renting your next apartment or townhome with us at Glendale Communities. We are dedicated to finding you a home that suits your living style. Give us a call at 716-551-0460 today or browse through our various communities in WNY!