Making a Small Apartment Seem Bigger

How to Maximize Space in Your Apartment

An apartment, at first, may not seem to offer spacious living. However, there is more than meets the eye!

Here are a few tips and tricks that will allow you to intelligently create and utilize all the available space in your small apartment!

Think vertical

We often forget about the space extending from the floor to the ceiling, but this precious space is perfect to utilize in small apartments. Think vertically by taking advantage of unused wall space. Use tall shelves that extend to the ceiling and skinny cabinets that take up little floor space.

Stretch storage space upwards and save on what little floor space your apartment contains. Take advantage of hanging and high-mounted elements that help make the room appear higher and therefore larger. Bookshelves and walls full of small shelves give you the space you need for items without taking up floor space.

Think multi-purpose

In a larger home, yes, you may have space for something like a crepe maker or banana slicer, but appliances and other items like this simply take up space in smaller abodes. Instead focus on fewer items that serve multiple purposes. For example, buy only one or two pots and pans instead of an entire set.

Bigger furnishings matter here as well. Use trunks to double as tables and storage or find a table to use as both a desk and for dining. Items and furnishings that come with more than one use can save you some much-needed space.

Use mirrors and natural light

Adding mirrors to various places in your home proves to be the perfect trick to making your small apartment appear larger. Mirrors make your brain believe you are seeing farther than you actually are, expanding the feel of smaller rooms. Large bathroom mirrors invite the sense of openness you may be lacking, and mirrors on closet doors create the illusion of more bedroom space. Achieve lighter, airier spaces through the use of strategically placed mirrors.

Take advantage of natural light to make your space look bigger as well. Open curtains and blinds to allow the sun to shine in and connect your apartment with the outside, giving the illusion of a larger space.

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