Tips for Apartment Living in Buffalo

Getting Along with Apartment Neighbors

Maybe your next door neighbor has a taste for the Swedish dance hits of the ‘90s or maybe they seem to walk with cement blocks glued to their feet on a regular basis. Regardless, we’ve all had “problem neighbors”- especially in apartment settings.

Living in close quarters with neighbors can be difficult because everyone has different schedules, social preferences, and musical tastes. However, apartment living doesn’t have to be constant stress and conflict.

Luckily, there are some simple solutions to getting along with your apartment neighbors.

Make Yourself Clear

When living in an apartment setting, it is important to set boundaries with your neighbors early on. If you find yourself having frequent issues with neighbors, make yourself clear on what you expect. For example, if a neighbor frequently is coming over to visit with you and you’d prefer them not to do so, set them straight. Tell them that you’d prefer if they at least texted you ahead of time to see if it’s a good time for you.

Prioritize Communication

As tempting as it can be to leave a passive-aggressive note reminding your neighbor that your parking spot isn’t a public space for his friends, it more effective to have an in-person conversation. Most people appreciate a real conversation, and if you take the time to discuss issues face to face, you’ll both better understand the issue at hand and find it easier to agree on a solution. It’s also important to simply communicate with your neighbors in general, get to know them so you can better understand them.

Do Unto Others

Yes, the “golden rule” even applies to neighbors. You should absolutely be doing your part to make your apartment building or complex a great place to live. Be respectful of others; be aware of noise, use your own parking spot, respect boundaries, don’t store things in place where they don’t belong, and so forth.

Now that you’ve learned how to better get along with your apartment neighbors, it’s time to find the perfect place at Glendale Communities!