How to Adjust to Living Alone

Renting an apartment is a big deal, and if you’re renting alone for the first time, it’s probably something you’re nervous about.

Living alone can be an adjustment for many people, but it’s an exciting chapter that you should certainly embrace.

We’ve come up with some suggestions on how to live alone and how to enjoy genuinely doing so. The thought of living alone can be intimidating but following these tips should make it manageable.

Plan Your Meals Ahead of Time

Grocery shopping for one person can get exhausting, especially if you go into the store unprepared. Set aside a Saturday or Sunday where you establish all of your meals for the week. If you plan to have pasta on Wednesday and you purchase it ahead of time, you’ll come home and prepare it. If you don’t purchase the ingredients ahead of time, you’ll end up at a restaurant overspending on a meal you could have made for next to nothing.

Commit to Being Clean

When you’re living alone, any mess is your mess.  From dirty laundry to dirty dishes, they are all your responsibility. If you tend to be lazy when it comes to cleaning, create a simple schedule that will help you stay on track. To prevent messes from getting out of control, do dishes on a daily basis, and clean off cluttered surfaces. If your apartment is organized, you’ll feel at peace when you come home to it.

Be Aware of Your Budget

Budgeting is important, especially when you’re responsible for the rent, bills, groceries, loans, and much more. It is important, before you decide to live alone, to make sure that you can afford to do so. If you’ve previously been splitting the cost of rent, it is important to understand how things are going to change. There are plenty of finance guides online that can help you establish a budget that will best fit you.

Get Up and Go Out

Some people prefer to stay in on the weekends, and that is OK if it’s on occasion. You have every right to put on a good movie, pour yourself a drink, and enjoy a favorite snack. However, living alone can, inevitably, get lonely. Make sure that you make plans with your family and friends in order to get out of the house and enjoy someone else’s company.

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