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Four Reasons Why Renting is Better than Buying

CHoosing to Rent a Home Instead of Buying a House

Many people believe in the traditional timeline of finishing schooling, finding a career and immediately starting on the hunt for a house. However, it is becoming more apparent that renting is the more financially viable option, along with many other benefits. Renting allows for more freedom There are less personal obligations when you rent your… Read more »

What to Look for Before Signing Your Apartment Lease

Tips for Searching for an Apartment Rental in Buffalo NY

It’s so exciting to be looking for a new apartment, but there are some essentials that many people forget to consider before signing the dotted line. Whether you’re moving into your first apartment after college or are moving on to your next rental, here are a few things to keep in mind during the search… Read more »

Apartment Hunting: What to Look For

What to Know When Looking for an Apartment Rental

You know you want to move. You know you need to move. But what you don’t know is where to start. No need to worry!   You’re among many that struggle to dive into the search process and could benefit from some advice. Here are a few key things to keep in mind when looking… Read more »