Decorating a small space

Small Space Decorating Tips

Houses have plenty of room for decorations, giving people endless options to reflect their preferences. However, people that rent apartments should also have the ability and freedom to decorate, because after all, their apartment is their home.

While it can be challenging to decorate a smaller living space, there are plenty of ways to do so.

Add Color to the Kitchen

With a little bit of creativity, you can class up a smaller sized kitchen to meet your desires.  Your kitchen is the perfect place to incorporate some color into your home. Through bright colored place mats, fresh flowers, or bright bar stools, your kitchens appearance will instantly improve. In a smaller sized kitchen, you should do your best to keep surfaces clear, which will instantly make it feel larger.

Move to the Living Room

The living room should be one of the most welcoming spaces within your apartment, and just a few simple decorations can get your living room feeling comfortable.   Consider hanging high curtains in your living room, which can help the whole room feel taller. Add in some warm throw pillows and a comfortable blanket for an immediate cozy effect.

Consider adding a coffee table or ottoman that also comes with built-in storage space which will help you store chargers, blankets, remotes, and so forth. It will keep clutter from shrinking your living room. You should also stage your furniture as “float furniture” which is where you keep it centered in a room instead of pushed against a wall, opening up the space.

Finish With the Bedroom

Many apartments come with small bedrooms, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add your own special touches regardless.  If you create a focal point in your bedroom, which can easily be done using a headboard or bookshelf, attention will automatically be drawn to that point instead of the space in general, making it feel larger. You should also consider purchasing a bed that will allow you to store things underneath it, helping you to hide shoes, luggage, sweaters, and so forth.

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