Shopping for Apartment Furniture Tips

It’s important to choose the right pieces to furnish your apartment with. Too-big or non-versatile pieces could end up making your apartment and its décor feel cramped and outdated.

If you are limited on space but don’t want to sacrifice style or comfort, there are plenty of options on the market for furnishing an apartment.

Here are four helpful tips about shopping for apartment furniture:


The first thing you should do when getting ready to furnish an apartment is take accurate measurements. You don’t want to assume that you know how big your space is compared to a couch or a kitchen table. Write out all the measurements in the space and test out how each piece would fit. Make sure to leave enough room for walking around the items, and sitting down at the table.

Function & Style

Furnishing an apartment may mean that you are a bit more limited on space than you would be in a large home. Choose items that are comfortable and functional, but not too big or over the top. Overstuffed sectionals and large accent chairs may make your space feel smaller, says Overstock.

Wall-Mounted & Compact

Items like tables or extra countertop spaces can be mounted to the wall and folded away to save space. Compact tables with leaves or folding parts can fit nicely into your kitchen and can be pulled out when you have dinner guests.

Light & Bright

Choose furniture that won’t block the light, like open-sided bookcases or acrylic tables. Extra-large pieces may make your space feel darker, so try to avoid them when it comes time to shop.

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