Tips for Searching for an Apartment Rental in Buffalo NY

What to Look for Before Signing Your Apartment Lease

It’s so exciting to be looking for a new apartment, but there are some essentials that many people forget to consider before signing the dotted line. Whether you’re moving into your first apartment after college or are moving on to your next rental, here are a few things to keep in mind during the search… Read more »

How to Properly Store Belongings in Your Apartment Rental

Three Storage Mistakes You’re Making in Your Apartment

    Are you struggling to fit all of your belongings in your apartment and still live comfortably? Here are a few common mistakes to avoid when looking for storage space in your home! Focusing too much on floor space You may not have the room in your apartment for another tote or bookshelf, but… Read more »

Decorating a small space

Small Space Decorating Tips

Houses have plenty of room for decorations, giving people endless options to reflect their preferences. However, people that rent apartments should also have the ability and freedom to decorate, because after all, their apartment is their home. While it can be challenging to decorate a smaller living space, there are plenty of ways to do… Read more »

Tips for Apartment Living in Buffalo

Getting Along with Apartment Neighbors

Maybe your next door neighbor has a taste for the Swedish dance hits of the ‘90s or maybe they seem to walk with cement blocks glued to their feet on a regular basis. Regardless, we’ve all had “problem neighbors”- especially in apartment settings. Living in close quarters with neighbors can be difficult because everyone has… Read more »

Apartments for Rent in Buffalo, NY

Benefits of Renting an Apartment

The age-old question when it comes to housing is: to rent or to own? Depending on where you live, the housing market can vary greatly. In some cities, it’s much more affordable to rent. In others, when the prices of homes are so low, it can make more sense to buy. But if you think… Read more »

Having Friends Over Your Buffalo Apartment

Hosting an Event at Your Apartment

Living in an apartment doesn’t mean that you can’t host get-togethers. Although renting does keep people from entertaining, there is absolutely no reason that it should. Glendale Communities has some tips and tricks for those of you looking to throw a successful event in your apartment. Create a Mingle Space If possible, push furniture up… Read more »

Declutter Your Apartment

Decluttering your home is often difficult for people because it can be hard to part with our belongings. However, if you are living in an apartment and storage space is somewhat limited, it’s important to regularly declutter your space. Organize The first thing you need to do is make sure everything has a place where… Read more »

Shopping for Apartment Furniture Tips

It’s important to choose the right pieces to furnish your apartment with. Too-big or non-versatile pieces could end up making your apartment and its décor feel cramped and outdated. If you are limited on space but don’t want to sacrifice style or comfort, there are plenty of options on the market for furnishing an apartment…. Read more »